Saturday, July 21, 2007

Silent Hill? Oh...ITEX

Well, Craig came back last Saturday and it's been one heck of a week! Sunday I had a nice sleep in, but was awakened to find out that Perry and I were summoned to work the ITEX (International Tundra Experiment) site that day. This is my favorite site of all, as well as my favorite experiment! You can find more information at the ITEX website...just because I'm too lazy to explain the concept even though it's a simple one :P Our site looks almost exactly like the one on that website, boardwalks, open top chambers, researcher wearing Extratuff boots...yep, all there!
So I was happy to hear that; my usual commute is to the Biocomplexity site and it was refreshing to get to go to a new place. Poor Perry was definitely not thrilled about going to ITEX, the last time he went he hyper extended his knee on the boardwalk. So now there is bitterness clouding his thoughts about ITEX....hehe.
A picture of t he d ry site.

Here's Perry doing some reflectance measurements using a spectrometer that costs about the same as a BMW. Sometimes I'm scared of handling this stuff :S

We got a foggy day, and it made the site look kind of creepy. The coastal bluff is just to the right of this over a hill, so we carried our shotgun in case a bear decided to stop by!
A control plot

An OTC plot; more shrubs present inside it :o

The view before we get picked up from ITEX...Silent Hill memories came back to haunt me! Ahhhh!



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